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General information

Note: Under Decree No. 475 dated 20 June, 2011 of the Government of the Russian Federation, publications in the materials of international and federal-level national conferences/congress are recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation (VAK) and count in the defense of dissertations.

Formats used in the conduct of the Congress: plenary sessions, section sessions, round table sessions, exhibit sessions, international symposia and seminars.

Working languages: Russian and English.

How to become a participant in the Congress

  1. Register at our website, and fill out a participation request.
  2. Select forms of attendance and payment.
  3. Select section.
  4. Upload a summary of your presentation (summaries of your presentations).
  5. Once the summary is approved, pay the organization fee.

How to sign up for Young Researchers’ Contest

  1. Register at our website, and fill out a participation request.
  2. Upload a summary for the Conference/Congress Proceedings, an expanded summary (up to two pages for Stage One of the Contest ).
  3. Once the summary is approved, pay the organization fee and prepare to the poster session and presentation of your work to the Contest Commission.
  4. If you need a hotel (dormitory) accommodation, please advise so in the Note section of the Participation Request. Please do not forget to specify the dates for which you need accommodation.

The Contest will award Diplomas, cash awards, medals.

Attention all participants in the poster sessions (including Young Researchers’ Contest)!

Posters should be in English.

Venue of the Conference and Exhibition:

Moscow, Russia

Rules for formatting summaries of presentations

Presentation summaries must be both in Russian and in English. Filename format: author’s surname and initials in Latin letters. For example: Ivanov I.I.

In the event the author submits two or more summaries, the surname and initials must be followed by an underscore and figure 1 (for the first summary), figure 2 (for the second summary), etc. For example: Ivanov I.I._1; Ivanov I.I._2

The document must consist:

  • 1) personal details (surname, name, patronymic, position, academic degree and title, company/organization, email address, phone number, fax number, mailing address for correspondence); 2) requested form of participation: oral presentation, exhibit presentation, publication only; 3) name of the section - one page.
  • Russian version of the summary - up to two pages.
  • English version of the summary - up to two pages.

Formatting requirements:

  • The UDC number must be typed with plain (not bold) font (font size 10 points) in the top left corner of the printing area;
  • below, the title of the article is typed in capital (uppercase) letters, bold font (font size 12 points, justified, no hyphenation);
  • below, the surname and initials of each of the authors are typed in lowercase letters, plain font (12 points). The surname and initials of the presenter must be underscored;
  • the full name of the organization presenting the report is typed (justified, single line spacing, font size 12 points);
  • city, country; below, the mailing address for correspondence, and the email address of one of the authors are indicated;
  • a synopsis (no more than 3-5 lines) in Russian; key words;
  • the text of the summary (justified, line spacing 1.5, all margins 3 cm, font Times New Roman, font size 12);
  • paper size A4 (210 x 297 mm);
  • bibliography must be formatted in compliance with GOST R 7.05-2008;
  • tables, graphics, pictures are allowed;
  • on page 3, text in English meeting the same formatting requirements.

Formatting sample

UDC 621.039.75


Merkushin A.O., Obruchikov A.V.

Mendeleyev Russian University of Chemical Technology, Moscow, Russia

building 1, 20 Geroyev Panfilovtsev Street, Moscow 125480, Russia
e-mail: qwerty@mail.ru

Composite iodine sorbents were developed in the form of porous polymer matrix with various TEDA-impregnated forms of carbon applied to its surface. It was demonstrated that the best results in CH3I capture are achieved with particles of activated charcoal, the use of other forms of carbon is less productive.

Key words: gas scrubbing; iodine sorption; sorption of methyl iodide; iodine-131; iodine sorbents.

Then the text of the summary: ____________________________________

Samples for formatting references and bibliographies

Articles from journals and collections

Adorno T.V. On the logic of social sciences // Question of Philosophy. — 1992. — Issue No. 10. — P. 76-86.

Crawford P. J., Barrett Т. P. The reference librarian and the business professor: a strategic alliance that works//Ref. Libr. 1997.Vol. 3. № 58. P. 75-85.

Kornilov V.I. Turbulent boundary layer on a solid of revolution at periodic injections and suctions // Thermal physics and aeromechanics. — 2006. — Vol. 13, №. 3. — P. 369-385.


Tarasova V.I. Political History of Latin America: University Textbook. — 2nd edition. — Moscow, Prospect Publishing House, 2006. — P.305-412.

Raizberg B.A., Lozovsky L.S., Starodubtseva Y.B. Modern dictionary of economic terms. 5th edition, revised and supplemented. Moscow, INFRA-M Publishers, 2006. 494 pages.

Author’s abstracts

Glukhov V.A. Research, development and implementation of an electronic delivery system in a library: Author’s abstract from a PhD dissertation. — Novosibirsk, 2000.—18 pages.


Fenukhin V.I. Ethnopolitical conflicts in modern Russia: Northern Caucasian Region as an example: PhD (Political science) dissertation. — Moscow, 2002.— P. 54-55.


RF patent No. 2000130511/28, 04.12.2000.

Yeskov D.N., Bonshtedt B.E., Koreshev S.N., Lebedeva G.I., Seryogin A.G. Optoelectronic device//Patent of Russia No. 2122745.1998. Bulletin No. 33.

Conference materials

Archaeology: history and prospects: collection of articles of the First Inter-regional Conference, Yaroslavl, 2003. 350 pages.

Maryinskikh D.M. Development of a landscaping plan as a necessary condition for sustainable urban growth (by the example of Tyumen) // Ecology of a landscape and planning in land management: presentation summary. National conference (Irkutsk, 11-12 September, 2000). — Novosibirsk, 2000. — P.125-128.

Web documents

Official periodicals: an electronic guide / Russian National Library, Center of Legal Information.[St. Petersburg], 2005-2007.
http ://www.nlr.rul a wee nte r/i zd7index.html (date accessed: 18.01.2007).

Loginova L.G. Interpreting the results of additional education for children// Education: Global studies: international research web-journal of pedagogy 21.10.03. URL:http://www.oim.ru/reader,asp?nomer= 366 (date accessed:17.04.07).
http://www.nlr.ru/index.html (date accessed: 20.02.2007)

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to select from the materials received.

Rules for formatting posters to be used in exhibit session and in Young Researchers’ Contest

A poster must contain a summary of the research that includes an introduction, the goal of the research, materials used, research methods, results, discussion, conclusions.

If your report is to be presented in the form of a poster, the poster must have the following format:

Title of the report
Presenter’s full name
Name of the organization


Please sent to the Organizer pdf file in high resolution (А4,А3,А1) to info@biomos.ru.

Attention all participants in the poster sessions (including Young Researchers’ Contest)!

Your poster should be in English.