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Young Researchers’ Contest

The Contest is organized at the initiative of the Organizing Committee and aims to identify young talents and encourage creative work by young scientists in research fields addressed by the Forum Program.
Second stage of Contest - February 25 in Contest Zone
Contest final - February 27. 10.00 - 13.00
Award ceremony February 27 14.00 - 15.00

Undergraduate and graduate students and young researchers below the age of 35 who are involved in scientific research on topics of the Forum ire Invited to compete in the Contest

1st prize - 100 000 rub:, 2nd prize - 50 000 rub; 3rd prize - 30 000 rub.
Special nomination - Best commercial project - 50 000 rub

Participation fee (covering publication of a summary): RUR 4,500

Спонсоры конкурса