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Exhibition aims to accelerate the growth of the Russian biotech sector, to strengthen domestic pharmaceutical production and to create a pool of biotech businesses operating in diverse sectors of the economy on renewable resources and cutting-edge domestic innovations. We aspire to help the creation of marketable bioproducts for health care, medicine, industry, agriculture, forestry, the energy sector, transportation, housing and utilities, environmental protection and other sectors.

We invite government agencies and organizations, commercial entities, non-governmental organizations and non-commercial partnerships that are involved in the following lines of activity:

  • development and implementation of biotech/bioengineering innovations to produce new pharmaceuticals, environmental protection technologies, methods to protect or restore flora and fauna, to make more efficient use of bioclimatic factors, to improve health care, agriculture and food industry;
  • engineering and production of equipment for laboratory research and biotech facilities;
  • providing IT support, modeling and design services to the biotech industry;
  • facilitating development of biotech market infrastructure and commercialization of biotech research results.

Exhibit space rate

Bare space (per 1 sq.m.) - 160 Euro
Equipped space (per 1 sq.m.) - 200 Euro
Registration fee - 200 Euro

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Topics covered by the Exhibition


Analytical laboratory equipment.
Smart labs.


Pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies.
Pharmaceuticals for oncology, immunology, ophthalmology, cardiology, neurology and other fields.
Vaccines and antibiotics.
Phytomedical products and vitamins.
Bioactive pharmaceutical ingredients for FPP.
Medical purpose products.


Bioanalytical systems.
Biological and genetic tests and assays.
Processes and equipment for biotech production facilities and laboratories (bioreactors and measurement equipment).
Reagents and kits.
Nutrient media.


Bespoke diagnostics and treatments.
Biopharmaceutics and pharmaceutical companies.
Biochips and biosensors.
Genetic engineering and biocompatible materials.
Biopharmaceuticals in medicine and cosmetology, biologics-based finished products.
Mobile technologies and personal diagnostic equipment.
Biomedical and robotic technologies.


Bioproducts of food and agriculture industry.
BIOnutrition and organic products.
Dietary supplements, geroprotectors.
Healthy and kids nutrition.
BIOsport. Sport nutrition.


Software for biotechnologies.
Big Data.
Cloud technologies and services.
Data banks in biotechnology. IT solutions for biological problems.


Full spectrum of bioproducts for the agroindustrial complex.
Production technologies.

BIOVenture+Start Ups

Venture capital funds and support programs for biotech companies.

Industrial biotecnology

Equipment and technologies for biotech manufacture.
CR: water and air supply, design and construction, biotech products logistics.
Full spectrum of bioproducts for biogeology, manufacturing industries, and bioagents for environmental protection and rehabilitation.
Alternative sources of energy, including renewable energy sources.
Biosafety and biosecurity.


Development and production of bionic systems, orthotics, exoskeletons.


Franchise offers for laboratory, assay systems.